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Looking to host a team-building event and bring your colleagues together? Partner with Artfem and provide a unique, creative experience to your employees that they'll never forget!

Why choose a Painting Workshop?

1) Challenging without being competitive

Sports games and team building competitions can be stressful and divide employees who are already struggling with competitiveness and cliques. Painting is a relaxing activity that doesn't divide your team or set anyone up to be winners and losers.

2) Encourages positivity

Engaging in creative activity contributes to mental well-being and feelings of positivity, & painting is an activity that is comfortable for all personality types. Artfem's environment is designed to be relaxing & supportive, allowing both small-talk and meaningful conversation.

3) Boosts morale & recruitment

Art workshops are a great way to show employees that you care about them! Thanks to their visual nature, the results are also perfect for sharing on social media or the company website, allowing employees to share the great time they're having at work, and giving prospective candidates more reasons to join.

4) Easy & convenient

Artfem provides everything needed for the event, and all your team has to do is show up & enjoy. Additionally, since it's an indoor event, this workshop can take place at any time in the year.

What To Expect

When you book a private painting workshop with us, you'll be able to choose the artwork(s) of your choice for your special event. We'll ensure that every guest is provided with a high quality painting kit - including high quality brushes, acrylic paints & a canvas with a hand-drawn outline of the artwork.

ARTfem's team will bring all the materials required for the event, and provide guidance & instructions throughout to ensure that everyone ends the evening with an art piece that they will be proud of.

You don't need to be an artist to participate in this type of event! Our team works hard to ensure that everyone gets to recreate the artwork in their own particular way, and has a great time while doing it.

To book your painting workshop, contact or call us directly on WhatsApp/Call +971585730874

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