• Food & Drinks Included

      You can't complete a fantastic night out without an equally fantastic meal! At our events, you'll be served with delicious food & beverages while you explore your creative side.

    • Awaken your Inner Artist

      Grab a drink, take a seat and join us for a unique art adventure, with paints, brushes & your personal sketched canvas ready for you to enjoy in our one-of-a-kind creative environment

    • Beginner Friendly

      If you've never held a brush before, don't worry! Our pre-prepared canvas & helpful instructors will make your evening delightful & creative - all you need to bring is your enthusiasm!

    • Ivi

      “At the beginning, I was not planning to come, my friend asked me to come but I said no, I am not good at this, but when I came, I really wanted to come to every event here, really. It was an amazing night, and amazing live music. You all were really kind and you helped us a lot. It was a really very special night and I want to come again, so if you’ll do it again, I will come again.” Ivi

    • Lucy

      "“Being here at ARTfem’s course was absolutely amazing. I love the atmosphere and all of the friendly faces here who are going around and showing support, not to mention the music was absolutely lovely as well” 

    • Tarunika

      “I think this is actually one of the best things that’s happened in Dubai for me personally, because it’s extremely therapeutic, the energy is amazing, the music is amazing as well. I think we need more of these kind of sessions where we meet new people and we have an absolutely beautiful energy with just art and you just immerse yourself with colours. it’s not about getting it perfectly as what shown in the picture but it’s actually about you just letting go and just enjoying the journey of getting the final picture. Cheers you guys, keep doing what you do!”

    • Gugu

      "I am from South Africa. This is my first time, i am a beginner doing this. Actually I am very happy with the final product, when I started I didn’t know where it was going. The night was beautiful. I would definitely do it again. The music, the food, the drinks are just flowing. Thank you so much, it’s very therapeutic and thank you thank you thank you, I’ll definitely do it again.”

    • Jessica & Ango

      “It was great, The whole mood with the music, I love the live music, it was fantastic. I wasn’t expecting that and that set it apart from any other similar thing I have ever done.“

    • Gisele El Asmar

      “I am staying in Dubai for many years now and it is my first time here at ARTfem. My experience is joyful, very nice. It is my first experience with painting but I think this is something I will do again, again and again and I will advise everybody to come and try ARTfem.”

    • Dana

      “Hello everybody! This was an incredible experience which I cannot wait to repeat. I'm going to invite all my friends ,my girlfriends, my family next time to really enjoy ourselves. It’s such a healthy thing to do on a Saturday night I can't even describe any more than that. The music was incredible. Akmo, amazing amazing singer and I found, for example, my painting being driven by the music, so I painted the rhythms of the music. It was so much fun. All the team is very supportive, helpful, easy to find which is very important.”

    • Florina

      I am here for the first time tonight for this event. This event is great from many points of view. The obvious point of view is that you’re painting, even if you are beginners or you are pros. The best thing is the experience itself, which is the wine, the cheese, the friends that you have around you, the personal touch you can add to your paintings based on your feelings from tonight, it’s a whole experience. You might think that you know what’s going to happen here but then something else is happening and you discover new things about yourself and it’s just great, it’s really great, it’s amazing.”

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