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Paint & dine workshop


ARTfem is a unique company that has been making waves in the world of artistic events, specializing in the innovative concept of Paint&Dine. We have perfected the art of blending creativity, culinary delights, and live music, creating an enchanting experience that allows people to express themselves through painting while indulging in gourmet food, sipping on delightful beverages, and soaking in the soothing melodies of live music. If you're looking for a truly immersive and unique gastro-artistic experience, ARTfem's Paint&Dine events have got you covered.


Themed Guided Painting Session

ARTfem designs its Paint&Dine events to welcome everyone. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or have never held a paintbrush, ARTfem’s skilled and passionate art instructors guide participants. They ensure everyone can create a masterpiece they can take pride in. These instructors foster creativity and self-expression while providing guidance and techniques accessible to all skill levels. The goal is not just to teach painting, but to create an environment where individuals can unlock their inner artist and enjoy the process.




Soothing Live Music

Imagine creating art with live music playing in the background at ARTfem’s Paint&Dine events. Most events at ARTfem feature live melodies that perfectly set the mood for artistic inspiration. Whether you enjoy classical tunes, contemporary jazz, or acoustic covers, the music enhances the creative process and makes your artistic journey even more enjoyable. ARTfem understands the power of live music to elevate any experience.




Culinary Delights and Beverages

ARTfem’s Paint&Dine events stand out for their inclusion of complimentary gourmet food and beverages. Participants can savor a delectable array of dishes and drinks, specially curated to please the palate, while they paint. The culinary experience aims to enhance your overall experience and pleasure your palate. It’s not just an art class; it’s a gastronomic adventure that you embark on as you Paint and Sip.




Feeling of accomplishment

ARTFem doesn’t just teach people to paint; it makes them feel like artists. Participants don’t just leave an ARTfem Paint&Dine event with a canvas filled with their creative expression, but also with a sense of accomplishment and newfound artistic confidence. They cherish the memories created during these events for a lifetime.


Paint & dine workshop


ARTfem's "Paint&Dine" events offer a captivating blend of painting, live music, gourmet cuisine, and creative ambiance. It's a space where you can explore your artistic side, enjoy a culinary journey, and immerse yourself in a world of creativity.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to embark on a creative journey that’s not just about learning to paint, but also about savoring the experience of becoming an artist. ARTfem’s Paint&Dine events serve as your gateway to a world of artistic delight. Join our event and unleash your inner artist today! Also check our new Intensive 10 weeks painting course


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