Painting Course

ARTfem Painting Course offers an intensive 12 week intensive program in drawing and painting.

It is specially designed to take students of beginners levels through a series of different exercises aimed at developing their observation skills and precision in drawing and painting, learning classical and modern methodology.

The course focuses in a complete, specific way on the drawing and painting of the human figure, portrait, and on a theoretical basis, students will learn how to use the Sight-Size method, proportion, gesture, and important anatomical points.

This course is complemented by enriching subjects in the program such as landscape, composition and still life. 


Medium:               Acrylic

Materials:             Included in the course fee 

Lesson Timings:  Our in person lessons help on Sundays from 1- 4 PM, follow up 

                            assignments via ZOOM on Wednesdays custom timings.

Age:                     18+

Fee:                    Monthly AED 1,500 ( 8 session per month) discount applied for

                           full course payment -12%

Location:            Eiffel Building 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Exit 41 - Dubai 




Week 1 :    Introduction to sketching / 1 & 2 Point Perspective


Week 2:     Introduction to Colors


Week 3:    Object Drawing & Color Application Level 01 ( artwork )


Week 4:    Object Drawing & Color Application Level 02 ( artwork )


Week 5:     Figure Sketching


Week 6:    Sketching Postures, Hands & Feet


Week 7:    Painting Figures. Level 01


Week 8:     Painting Figures.  Level 02


Week 9 :    Basics of Head Drawing


Week 10:   Eyes, Nose, Ear, Lips.


Week 11:   Portrait Painting. Level 01


Week 12 :   Portrait Painting. Level 02

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